Praise to the Lord

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Tune Name: Lobe den Herren (German – first published during the 17th century.)

Alternate Texts: Sing for God’s Glory that Colours the Dawn of Creation; Down by the Jordan, a Prophet Named John Was Baptizing; “Who Is my Neighbor?” A Lawyer Asked Jesus, to Test Him; God, May Your Justice Roll Down Like the Waters You Send Here; O God of Vision Far Greater than All Human Scheming

Fun Fact: Joachim Neander, author of the original hymn text, joined some friends one night to heckle worshipers at St. Martin Church in Bremen but instead was so moved by the sermon that he devoted himself to a life of faith and later became an assistant at the very same church.

Sometimes even reformed ruffians like Joachim Neander get it right the first time.

I Sing the Mighty Power of with God Praise to the Lord Piano Sheet Music

Although the translations may have varied slightly through the years, the sentiment of Neander’s original hymn text from the 1600’s (Lobe den Herren, den mächtigen König der Ehren) is found in nearly every hymnal published today. Praise to the Lord, a popular, enduring hymn of praise, has been the foundation for adaptations ranging from a J.S. Bach church cantata (BWV 137) to recordings by modern worship artists.

New texts have been written for this limerick-type hymn tune, including several in the last decade, but none has gained the popularity of the original. A verse from one version, Praise to the Father, by John Henry Hopkins (1820-1891) is particularly appropriate for Holy Week:

Praise to the Son: for the cross that once shamefully bore Him,
Now, on the throne of His pow’r let all creature adore Him!
Man reigns on high! Lo! all the hosts of the sky
Bow down and worship before Him!