Is Your Sheet Music Earth Friendly?

You adjust your thermostat, recycle your milk cartons, and combine errands to save fuel.

But is your sheet music earth friendly?

The first book of sheet music I ever published was through a mainstream traditional publishing house. It required paper, ink, staples, warehousing, packaging, and fuel to ship. Ironically, the book was a collection of piano arrangements based on creation-themed hymns.

I later learned more about the traditional publishing industry and was disgusted to discover that some publishers and distributors routinely trash (not recycle!) pallets full of unsold merchandise. That was the moment I decided to self-publish and offer my works as downloadable sheet music. It requires more work on my part but it’s worth it if I can save a few a trees and help the planet.

I applaud any environmentally-friendly efforts made by musicians across the globe and invite you on Earth Day and every day to re-evaluate your habits – both musical and non-musical – in light of their impact on the beautiful world we are gifted with and responsible for.

Touch the earth lightly,
use the earth gently,
nourish the life of the world in our care.