About the Scores

To ensure you have clear, detailed, accessible, high quality, enjoyable sheet music, here are just a few things I do:

I proofread each score. Three separate times. And then backwards.
Because you shouldn’t have to figure out or overlook mistakes.

I provide clear tempo/style markings with suggested metronome markings.
Because vague terms like “Moderately” and “With Love” won’t help you play great music.

I include suggested fingerings on the trickier passages in piano scores.
Because you have better things to do with your time than untangle your fingers.

I never use block piano chords that span more than an octave.
Because, like me, you may have a hand span with an octave limit and music should be accessible to all.

I lay out scores to print on the fewest sheets of paper without sacrificing readability.
Because scores should be easy on the eyes and easy on the environment.

I honor copyrights and give credit where it’s due. (And I hope you do, too!)
Because it’s not nice to steal stuff.